Beekeeping Workshop – An Introduction to Beekeeping

About the product

About the product

Have you ever considered what it takes to become a beekeeper? Are you or your family thinking about purchasing a beehive wondering if you can do a beekeeping course? The beekeeper for a day taster is a basic beekeeping course for people who have bever handeled live bees. Tag along with an experienced beekeeper and ask anything you like before you take the plunge and buy beekeeping tools and equipment.

The following topics are covered:

Identification of brood disease and assistance with honeybee pests –

we can assist you to identify or rule out brood disease in your beehives and help you with any remedial action that may be necessary.

Safety –

personal protective equipment and bee stings.

Legislation –

what you need to do about complying with beekeeping bio-security requirements.

Beekeeping tools and equipment –

smokers, hive tools, beehive parts, Flowhives. Everything you will need and where to get it.

Hands on experience –

open a beehive and handle live bees. Find the queen and observe the life cycle of honeybees.

Flowhive –

Learn how a flow hive works as well as how to maintain your bees and inspect for disease and pests

Cost: $125.00 per person

Course times: 10 am to 12.30pm or 1 pm to 3.30 pm.

*Children must be 7 years and over and accompanied by an adult.

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