Beekeeping workshop – Bee a Beekeeper for a Day

About the product

About the product

This one-day beekeeping courses covers the basics of being a beekeeper, Jason & Natasha will walk you through the intricacies of keeping bees and how they manage them using their ethical and sustainable practices.

The following topics are covered:

Using a beekeepers smoker –

We will show you how to select the appropiate fuel to use in your smoker then demonstrate the best way to light a beekeeper’s most important tool.

Open and Reassemble a beehive –

Opening a live beehive can be daunting without some necessary skills. Jason & Natasha will show you how to open the hive and explain how to judge the mood of the bees (yes bees actually have moods), at this point they will hand you you the tools to start inspecting the hive and getting an up close and personal experience with their bees.

Harvesting honey from our hive –

The availability of pure, fresh honey is one of the main reasons people want to learn to learn about beekeepng. It is essential that beekeepers can determine when honey is ripe enough to be hervested if we are fourtunate enough you will have the opportunity to remove a couple of frames of honey from the hive and transferring them for extraction. During this Jason & Natasha will explain the importance of practising sustainable and ethical beekeeping (the backbone of our business).

Managing honey bee pests and diseases –

Jason and Natasha will explain the battles that the humble honey bee faces and how it is crucial that beekeepers carry out thorough brood inspections and recognise the signs of disease such as American Foulbrood (AFB), European Foulbrood (EFB), Chalkbrood as well as how to manage Small Hive Beetle (SBH).

Extracting honey –

The process of getting honey from your frames into a jar is relatively simple process. You will have hands on experiences on how to uncap drames and extract honey quickly with minimum equipment.

*Due to drought and weather condictions we cannot guarantee that the enough honey to spare for harvest and extraction to take place. While this is unlikely to occur we will only take honey if the bees can afford to share it with us.

Adults: $125.00 per person per day

Children under 12: $65.00 per person per day

For family bookings please contact us for group discount price.

*Children must be 7 years and over and accompanied by an adult.

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