Beekeeping Course – Advanced

About the product

About the product

This one-day beekeeping workshop covers more advanced beekeeping techniques.

The following topics are covered:

Spring management of bees –

Spring is a crucial time for a beekeeper. The success of your hive throughout the year can depend a lot on spring management of your beehives. Jason & Natasha can demonstrate how to handle a rapidly expanding colony in the spring to minimise swarming and maximise production.

Splitting hives –

Splitting beehives is a low-cost way of expanding your apiary. Let us guide you through the process and show you the tricks around splitting hives to maximise your success.
All methods covered including:

• Walk away splits,
• Splits using queen cells and,
• Splits using mated queens.

Merging hives –

The merging or joining of beehives hives is a common practice. The resources from poorly performing hives can be merged with better hives to create one good colony. As always with beekeeping, there are several ways of doing the same thing, and we can demonstrate a few options.

Moving hives –

Beekeepers from time to time move hives from one place to another. Beehives can be moved a few metres or hundreds of kilometres. The process of moving hives is sometimes poorly understood, and there is a lot of conflicting information about it on social media sites. Jason & Natasha can take you through all the methods of moving beehives that ensure the safety of yourself and your bees.

Managing Small Hive Beetle –

Small hive beetle has become widespread in the eastern parts of Australia since it was introduced around 2002. Some methods work well, and others don’t. We can demonstrate the techniques that we have found to be successful and show you how to implement them.

Cost: $250.00 per person per day.

Course times: 10 am – 3 pm sat and sun)

*Children must be 10 years and over and accompanied by an adult.

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