3 Stings Ridiculously Hot Honey “Entry Level” – Worlds Hottest!

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Something wicked this way comes!!!!

Announcing the worlds hottest honey…..Our 3 Stings Ridiculously Hot Honey has been carefully infused with Ghost Chilli, Habanero Chilli, Carolina Reaper Chilli and a special touch of a special ingredient (all natural) guaranteeing it is the worlds hottest honey.

We carefully select our raw, natural honey which culminates in a flavour filled yet ridiculous hot honey. Each vile contains 35g of honey I don’t think even the Devil would eat….are you game?

Be Warned, this honey is exceptionally hot……you can see a seasoned professional chilli eater tasting our 3 Stings Honey here……You have been warned!!
Language Warning, he does slip up and swear in this video

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2 reviews for 3 Stings Ridiculously Hot Honey “Entry Level” – Worlds Hottest!

  1. michael king

    bought some at the market on the weekend – talk about instant burn – best I have ever tried – I like chilli but I can hardly take a drop the size of a match head of this stuff – I reckon you could kill someone with it if they are not used to chilli lol

  2. Burned Arse

    This is an incredible product made entirely for those who love chilli, but be warned it is not for beginners.

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